Manufactured Housing Communities of Oregon (MHCO) is the largest organization in Oregon representing owners of manufactured housing communities. MHCO provides its members a wide variety of information vital to the successful operation of a manufactured home community: from Fair Housing issues to the latest developments in the Oregon Legislature that directly impact your ability to operate your community in Oregon. MHCO is also the community owner's watchdog and advocate in the Oregon Legislature. Membership Benefits

Phil Querin Q&A

March 21, 2018
Question:  If a manager is going to give a resident their third 72-hour notice within 12 months, does the manager give the 72-hour notice and then wait for payment, which if the resident pays then serve the 30 day three strikes notice?  ...

Mark Busch Q&A

January 25, 2018
  Every landlord wants to avoid disputes with tenants.  Disputes can lead to litigation – and litigation is expensive.  There are a few simple things that landlords can do to reduce their risk of a dispute with tenants.

Property Management

February 19, 2018
In the diverse and varied lifestyles we are seeing in our manufactured housing communities today, resident relations can be a key element in helping to run a successful community.  Whether you own or manage an all-age community or a community for older...

Community Updates

March 18, 2018

By:  Jim Joffe​


February 22, 2018


What is the price of sleeping well?  When considering what a good property management company provides to a park...

Mark L. Busch

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