Phil Querin Q&A

August 13, 2019
Question. A resident recently moved out of state.  The landlord wants to mail a non-payment of rent notice, and would like proof that the notice was received by the resident.  Can the landlord mail the notice as a "Certificate of Mailing...

Mark Busch Q&A

July 30, 2019
  The 2019 Oregon Legislature made sweeping changes to the state’s landlord-tenant laws. None will have more impact than Senate Bill 608 (SB 608), which went into effect on February 28, 2019. SB 608 made two significant alterations to Oregon law: (1)...

Property Management

August 20, 2019
This month, the Coach’s lesson offers fair housing basic training for anyone newly hired to work at your community. It’s simple to say that fair housing law bans housing discrimination, but there are pitfalls that sometimes lead even seasoned...

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Community Updates

August 14, 2019
  While setting up a disaster plan for manufactured home communities, be sure to include steps that would reduce the risk of damage or injury. Here are some...
August 6, 2019
    This is the fifth in a series of articles on disaster preparedness and how to safeguard your community, save lives and minimize damage.   In...
July 29, 2019
  This is the fourth in a series of articles on disaster preparedness  and how  to  safeguard your community...