MHCO Forms Updated In Compliance With SB 608 Governor Signs Bill - Law Effective TODAY

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown has signed SB 608 (rent control) into law.  The new law is effective 2-28-19.  MHCO has reviewed the applicable MHCO forms and made significant changes.  We are still working on several forms - 5B, 5D and 50A.  We hope to them updated and on line in the next couple of days.  We will keep you updated when those forms are revised and uploaded to MHCO.ORG
Here are the forms revised, updated and uploaded this evening to MHCO.ORG
Form 5A   Manufactured Dwelling Space Monthly Rental Agreement
Form 5C   Manufactured Dwelling Space Rental Agreement (Landlord Owns Land- Home)
Form 7      Statement of Policy
Form 8      Straight Talk Abourt Manufactured Home Park Living
Form 43C  30/60 Day Notice to Vacate for No Cause
Form 49     90 Day Rent Increase Notice for MHC Park Rentals and RV Spaces
Form 50     Notice of Lease Expiration and Delivery of New Community Documents
Form 80     Recreational Vehicle Space Rental Agreement
There may be several new forms added as the legislative session continues and there will be more updates later this year as other legislative concepts become law.  The most current landlord-tenant forms for manufactured home communities are always on MHCO.ORG.  MHCO will also focus part of the up coming training sessions in Wilsonville and Salem on SB 608 and other key legislative changes.  If you have not signed up - please do so as soon as possible as space is limited.  Your can register for the MHCO seminars either by clicking the ads below or calling the MHCO office at 503-391-4496.
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