Phil Querin Q&A: RVs in RV Park Under the New Rent Control Law

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April 3, 2019
Phil Querin
MHCO Legal Counsel
Querin Law


Question:  Are RVs in RV parks exempt under the rent control law, or am I limited to issuing ‘for cause’ notices for violators in my RV park who have been there over a year?



Answer:  RVs are not treated the same as manufactured homes. They are subject to the general landlord-tenant law (as opposed to the manufactured housing side of that law). This means that if an RV tenant is renting the space on a month-to-month basis, you cannot increase the rent during the first year, and after that only with the issuance of a 90-day written notice. Also, after the first year, you cannot terminate without cause. 

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